Maple Products

Green Field Farms Maple Products come from one of the purest examples of sustainable farming. All our maple products begin with pure, all natural maple sap collected right here in northeastern Ohio.

Maple Syrup

In the spring when the temperatures fluctuate between freezing at night and above freezing during the day, maple trees send sap from root to bud to supply the precious energy for leaves to open. During this time we drill a tiny hole into the tree to drain a portion of that sap. Collected in buckets or bags, the pure, clear sap is then transported in sap tanks mounted on sleds that are pulled by teams of work horses. The sap is hauled to a central sugarhouse where we boil away excess water over a wood-fired evaporator, turning the sap into rich, thick, golden syrup. The syrup is then filtered and bottled to preserve its taste and freshness.

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Maple Water

During the syrup boiling process, instead of evaporating into the atmosphere the steam is collected and bottled to produce a healthy drink. Green Field Farms Maple Water is the most popular of all our maple products. It has become popular beverage for many people that are concerned about drinking only nourishing and exceptionally healthy drinks.

Maple Sugar

Granulated Green Field Farms Maple Sugar is the most versatile product made from maple syrup. It is excellent as a topping on cereal or oatmeal. Maple sugar can be substituted anywhere other sugar would be used to add flavor or sweetness. And it can be reconstituted into maple syrup and many other maple confections. This product is totally shelf stable, and will not separate or mold. It can be stored indefinitely at room temperature. With proper packaging and moisture control and it will not lose its granular texture.

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Maple Puffed Spelt

Green Field Farms Maple Puffed Spelt is made from spelt grown in mineral-rich soil. Spelt is an ancient grain rich in flavor and health benefits that was enjoyed by our forefathers for generations. After the grain is harvested and cleaned it is puffed and coated with pure organic Green Field Farms Maple Syrup, for a sweet crunchy taste. This combination creates a healthy product that can be enjoyed as a cereal or snack.

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