Beyond Organic

What is Beyond Organic?

Wholesome Values.

All Green Field Farms producers are Amish or Mennonite farmers that still use horses to work the fields and harvest their crops. Horse farming is an earth friendly way to help keep the atmosphere free of harmful carbons and prevent soil compaction problems that hinder microbial activity, often caused by heavy tractors or equipment. Feed for the horses is usually grown on the farm, in turn the horses' manure or waste is used to increase organic matter and fertilize the soil, thus completing the cycle back to the soil. All in all, horse farming leaves a positive effect on the environment. We consider this an important part of our responsibility to be good stewards of God's resources.

Wholesome Food.

Our goal is to provide you wholesome and nutritious food that is safe, tastes good, and is grown by farmers you trust. Growing healthy food begins with healthy soil. Our farms are small, under 200 acres, which enables the farmers to give special attention to each field and ensure that appropriate soil conditions are maintained to grow a healthy and nutritious crop. Farmers utilize our in-house Soil Amendment Program that provides the appropriate blends of natural minerals and organic fertilizers to ensure well-balanced soil rich in microbes and plant life.

Our farmers seek to work in harmony with nature by providing habitats for insects and birds that help control harmful plant pathogens and bugs in the fields. Nature's workers, the honey bees, pollinate the flowers as they blossom on the young plants in our produce fields.

Careful attention to the soil and working with nature ensures your family tasty wholesome food with real nutritional value.

Certification Seal

Certification Seal

The Green Field Farms certification seal guarantees this product was produced to our specifications by Amish and conservative Mennonite farmers that use horse and buggy for transportation. This seal is unique to Green Field Farms products and ensures that the product you are getting is Beyond Organic.

Third Party Audits


Our products are grown from soil abundant in minerals and enriched by cover crops, compost and trace elements. Soil is plowed and weeds are cultivated with horse drawn implements. Each farmer has multiple third party inspections to insure that standards are being upheld.

First and foremost, farmers must pass an organic inspection in order to become certified. The National Organic Program (NOP) standards require the farmer to be able to document that there have been no chemical inputs, treated seeds or any other prohibited substances used on the soil for a period of three years prior to the harvesting of organic crops.

Certified organic farmers have to maintain a buffer zone between their certified organic fields and any non-organic neighboring fields. This prevents contamination from any potential drift of harmful chemicals when spraying.

Our farmers are also required to be audited by a third party inspection agency, and meet Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) standards for food safety. GAP standards require all water, used for washing produce, to be tested annually for bacteria and E-coli. Each farm is evaluated to prevent any risk of contamination and to insure that all products are kept safe and free from contamination.